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Meet the Team

Riley Douglass

Owner + Lead Photographer

Photography has always been a hobby for Riley, but when given the chance to photograph her first wedding several years ago, she jumped on the opportunity and turned her passion for capturing love stories into the photography business she had always dreamt of. 

Riley is considered the "Creative Mind" behind Garner Photography and is obsessed with trying new things including playing with composition and lighting in her photos. If you want to get creative, Riley is your girl. 

When she isn't snapping photos, Riley can be found thrift shopping, trying a new coffee shop or watching New Girl on Netflix. 


RJ Douglass 

Assistant Photographer

RJ is considered "The Brains" behind Garner Photography. His organizational and technological skills make RJ incredibly good at running the behind the scenes and analytics of the business. He had always dreamt of running a business one day, but had no idea what that would be until he married Riley. 

Since meeting Riley in 2020, RJ has also picked up the camera and due to his quick memory, he was easily able to master the ins and outs of photography. In addition to assisting in running the business, he also accompanies Riley on sessions and enjoys second shooting at weddings.  

When he isn't taking pictures, RJ is working his job as a mechanical engineer, playing disc golf, or catching Pokemon. 

In Conclusion...

We want to take your pictures! We specialize in Couples and Wedding Photography, but love to branch out to other areas as well. We are located in the Dayton, OH area, but are available worldwide. Our style has often been described as moody, documentary and organic. We want to capture you as you really are. 

Do we sound like a good fit? Send us a message below to get in contact!

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